Recap April 2016

Recap April 2016: Spring is coming…but first cold and wet weather!
April, the first important month of the year with Long distance races across the world!
Our athletes were participating in races in Florida (US) , Lima (Peru), Germany, Belgium, France , Holland, Spain, Holland and Canada!
With nice results in Ironman70.3 Florida our Canadian athletes showed the first step they made during winter and were capable of racing to the limit… but above all learned a lot about racing in hot conditions!
In Europe, weather was bad…very bad and far from hot…but despite that weather our athletes managed to get podium in triathlons and cyclingraces in several countries and the first main goals of 2016 were accomplished!
In Douai (France), Kalmar (Germany), Portocolom (Spain), Spa (Belgium), Salon De Provence (France) and Ter Idzard (The Netherlands) and Mouscron (Belgium) our athletes got into the top 3 in triathlons and cylingraces!
But not only these podia were important, also the high and densified performance level of our athletes in many other races were satisfying. Each on this own level and preparing his/her own maingoals or championship. After all…later this year it would seem that hard (smart) work pays off!
In the first full distance Ironman in South Africa it was Pierre who astonished and got his golden ticket for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, in October!
Cai just missed the podium in South Africa by finishing 4th after a strong race. Unfortenately she lost the podium to a doper…who just got back from suspension…beurk!

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