Recap March 2016

Recap ’16 – March!“>VIDEO MARCH 2016

March, the last wintermonth and change of seasons!

Cyclocross made place for road cycling, the last offroad races made place for the first road du/triathlons!
It was a continuation of the month before, all was falling in the right place!
At the national Long distance duathlon championships in Spain our athletes had nice results and took category podium,
in France our athletes got the win in offroad triathlons and Aquathlons!

In the national crossduathlon championships in Belgium we even took gold and another title of course!

Our Canadian athletes were only a few weeks away from their first races in Florida and were preparing a great race indoor.

While in Cycling our athletes were racing the springclassics with or without cobblestones…in this period of the season especially our young cyclists showed what they are made of and prooved to put a step forward and race in the front!

Merry Xmas!

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