Another weekend of training smart, performing better!

Today the 2nd groupsession was planned, early in the morning our athletes were ready in the cold Belgian weather to have a nice training day. A run, bike and swim were planned. Always nice to end up with a swim after being in the cold before!

With a shorter temporun the day started relaxed, the terrain had some variation in it and the little turns never made things boring. Putting some short turnings in your runs is always good to have some natural 2-5″ efforts in your endurance run without really influencing heart rate.

A quick change and off we were on the bike for exactly 64km with the same approach as the run. But this time we took a 30-60″” bridge every 3km which gave us a natural change in  power but without really influencing heart rate and stay aerobic. 64km laters…like we started…we all came in together!


Athletes living in a flat region might try to be a little bit creative, it could turn out u do can train hilly! One of the flattest regions in Flanders gave us this course profile.

A full 10′ rest after the bike was enough for our athletes to put the swimming pants on and jump into the water for specified sessions, each lane had its mission and 1h later all missions were accomplished. Lanes were divided between the sub 55’swimmers and even a full lane for our cyclists. In november each cyclist should work alternative next to the cycling. Whether this is by strengthening in the fitness, running or swimming. Try to become a complete athlete, especially in your younger years! So respect to our cyclists for maybe suffering the most on that swimming part today!

After all… today I can say I was amazed, not only about the level our athletes reach, but most of all about the way they train together. Different levels, different people but also respect from all to all. As it should be!




Our athletes didn’t only work hard on training this weekend, but also were represented in races!

The national championships cyclocross (Amateurs) lead to a 14th spot for Klaas, nicely within the top 15 we hoped for! In Canada it was Andreas who took off for the last CX weekend of the season over there and in snowy conditions he managed to do 2 good races.

While Jan,on saturday, had his first prep race in Lier (5k) and finishing 3rd!


Of course THE big winterrace in Belgium is coming closer, ‘De Hel van Kasterlee’… with 15K run-105MTB-30K run you better be in shape! And so our athletes got a little testrace just 4 weeks before D-day. Wim won the masters category at Damme (Xduatlon), while Tony took the overall win in Maastricht (Holland)! And it’s clear, Tony will definitely be one of the outsiders in Kasterlee by putting Maastricht on his list! For Wim Kasterlee will be an adventure, but very curious what he will do in his first Kasterlee…



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