First weekend of August!

A sunday with some nice races yesterday!
After Svenne getting the 115th(!!) podiumspot of 2016 for our athletes it’s clear that a 116th will come…but only not yesterday 😉!

Despite that Arne was very close to it at Herbalife IRONMAN 70.3 Gdyniain Poland. Arne came out of the water in 20th position and was able to move up towards 5th position after the bike! In warm conditions he did a steady run and could defend his 5th spot finishing very close to the podium!

In Belgium the national champs Half triathlon in Eupen were on the menu. With Nico and Tony racing in Eupen we had our chances for a nice result. Nico did a nice progressive race and is getting close the final of hisIronman Weymouth & Ironman 70.3 Weymouth preparation!
For Tony it was only his 2nd half irondistance, but what a race he did again! Coming out of the water 109th (till december he was a high performance duathlete, former national champion LD crossduatlon) he moved up on the bike in solo-style. With a 6th bikesplit he put down his bike and started to run on the tough run course. Tony was capable to moving up towars 14th position at the finishline! Imagine what his first winter of real swimming can mean for him…

In Tour de Namur (UCI2,12) the final stage was won by pro cyclist Rob Ruigh. Anthony ended this tough stage race well and let’s now take advantages of this!

In Londerzeel it was U23 cyclist Dries who did another nice race finishing 18th. Right where he should be. Well done!…/Uitslag.aspx…

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.
foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.
foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.
foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

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