Another amazing weekend with wins in Europe and Canada!

Svenne and Tom inspired in a positive way after winning duathlon La Gileppe an Time Trial Zolder earlier this  weekend!



The bikecourse was quite simple, a lot of turning and climbing followed by a downhill with some small ‘ups’! 356NP is massive an lead to Tom’s great win!

Jan was very motivated this morning and seems to be enjoying the swim more and more, definitely …to be continued! Today on a racecourse which fits him totally on the bike and the run, there were no more excuses to not try to chase a podiumspot. He did, in Jalhay he does his swim, cycles well and finishes off by moving up during the run…towards 3rd spot in the masters race!

Jonas, Alex and Jeroen could start in the Supercoupe race among Wallonia’s best 1/4distance athletes. Jonas and Alex finish close to each other on 33rd an 37th place in this large field of athletes!

At the same time Adrian was racing in Leiderdorp (Holland) and was able to take his very first win and confirms once again the progression he made this season!


Adrian entering T2 and ready to run for the win in  Holland! The progression this athlete made by training smart results in racing hard…and to the finishline 😉

Corey, Allan and Andreas….they dominate the races in Canada this season…today they did this again in the Port Hood Triathlon! It seems to be easy, but the only reason of their massive season is working smart and racing hard! Corey was the strongest and must be feeling confident to the races at the end of the season! Allan takes 2nd and Andreas takes 4th place only 30 seconds away from the podium with the 2nd runsplit!!


Corey alone in the lead after the bikecourse made him run ‘relaxed-fast’ in  the run! he built  up his race well and could keep control all the way!

In Wiesbaden – Germany (European Championship Ironman 70.3) Jens could look back happy after finishing into the top 20 of his AG. Next step is Forward

In Roumania it was Lucian who did his first race of the season, which gives him the wings towards his autumn! While Arne just missed the podium in Meise, 1 week after Ironman 70.3 Gdynia!

Duathlon Halle…first test for our  duathletes after a short competition break  and ending with a podium for Wim in the masters race!


Lucian coming out of the water in Roumania

Our cyclists are doing a good job, in Huldenberg (UCI1.12) Anthony takes the benefit of his suffering in Tour de Namur and after 24climbs he finishes 13th! Dries missed this group and finishes in the following group at place 35!…/Uitslag.aspx…


Anthony rides a good race on the tough race course in Huldenberg, 24 Flemish steep climbs on 120K!

On monday it was Svenne once again who went for the win in Luxemburg (Gouvy), finishing 2nd he was quite happy only 3days after his win in the ITT Zolder


Svenne rides for the win, he ended up 2nd and took his 5th podium in 10days! 

Sometimes things happen unexpected in a positive way, but they never happen…out of the blue! With 8 podia in cycling and triathlonraces this weekend was a hammer on the block once again. Working smart results in results!


Train smart, perform better!

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

Adrian winning his first triathlon ever in Leiderdorp – Holland

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

Thumbs up for Corey, winning a lot this season. A strong worker, and a strong racing spirit!

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

Never too old to learn, at age 47 Jan turns into triathlete…coming from duathlon!

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

Youngster Arne just missing the podium at Meise Triathlon!

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