Desert marathons…the ultimate running performance

Last years the  desert runs get more and more attraction by runners all over the world. Gobi March, Namibia desert run, Marathon des Sables and other extreme marathons are the ultimate challenge for runners. If you want to challenge yourself and the pure nature of runnin… you must have done one of these.

Since many years our athletes challenge the  extreme trailruns but also Gobi March and Marathon des Sables. In 2016 athletes will race Namibia desert run and Marathon des Sables. The difficulty about these races are not only the distance, but for sure the general state of fitness a body must be in.


Training and fatigue must be in balance when challenging a 5day desert run!

Another specific factor athletes challenge is that they need to carry food for 5days. For sure they need to make choices. What will they take: Proteinpowder? Carbs?… Those things are very important to finish the race. Every body will have specific needs, but in general  combination of minerals, carbs and proteines are adviced. Fortunately at the stops, athletes can  tank the water they want!

As you can imagine, a desert run is not something to tackle very easy. It’s a race you go in to  well prepared mentally, physically and nutritionwise!


Train smart, perform better!



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