Let’s get personal … and meet up with Andreas

Time to introduce one of our overseas athletes, Andreas with a Swiss roots and living in Canada.

Hi Andreas, can u introduce yourself to us? 

 I’m from Switzerland but currently live in Baddeck, a small village in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.  I’m a mechanical engineer and work about 50mins away from home in  another, even smaller village.
In my teens I played indoor hockey (floorball) and by the time I hit 18, I decided to take up recreational running.  That’s mainly what I did through my early 20’s, a bit of running and entering a race  here and there.  Then I moved to Canada (2007) and in 2007/8 I started running longer distances and raced more often.  In 2010 I did my first triathlon.
 How do you conquer the hard winters where you live?
I run outside all year round, pretty much regardless of what the weather’s like.  I don’t have a treadmill or easy access to one during the times I do most of my training (early morning,or lunch). I enjoy running outside.  It can get a bit tough in the winter and there are not as many places to run because of ice and snow (we have a lot of dirt roads
that get slippery in the winter and are not cleared).  It can get pretty cold, especially with the wind and it tends to be damp cold which makes it worse, but you just have to
dress appropriately and suck it up 🙂  I don’t mind.
During the hardest winter months, I do most of the bike sessions  indoors on a trainer.  However, i don’t mind going outside on my cyclocross or mountain bike even when it’s colder, as long as  the roads are mostly clear and the weather is decent.  I have all the gear to bike in below 0 deg weather.  I don’t mind if it’s below freezing a few degrees as long as it’s dry, but that does mean that between January and probably March, I rarely ride outside.
Burger foto

Andreas integrates XC-skiing into his winterpreparation. The perfect alternative for a long run in regions with enough snow.

Do you have an easy access to swimming pools?
I don’t really have easy access to a pool. This is the hardest part of living where I live (in terms of training)… makes it hard to improve in the water…  the closest 25m pool is 50min from work and then 60min drive home. that means I have to drive a lot… drive 50min to work, then drive 50min to the pool after work and then an hour home from the pool. The pool is open for lane swimming on four nights on weekdays. For an hour.  So in theory, I could swim a total of 4 hours during the work week, but because I have to drive so far and I tend to work a lot, I only go once or twice a week.  I also can’t get swims in that are longer than 1 hour during the week.  I do have access to another pool on weekends, but also 45min away (the other way). So for the most part,  I swim once after work and once on the weekend.  the weekend swims can be longer than an hour. So at least I can get a slightly longer swim in every now and then.
Since September, I also have access to a 11m pool at a local  hotel… so I sometimes get an extra swim in there.
What are your maingoals during triathlonseason 2016 and mid/long term?
My main goal for this year is to get faster on the bike, while at least maintaining if not increasing my run speed.
My main race goal for this season is Challenge St.Andrews (1/2 IM distance) in July.  my goal is to be faster than 2 years ago.  I’m also doing a 70.3 in Florida in April.
I would also like to get more into cycloross racing this fall (did my first 3 races last fall).
mid-long term, my big goal for hopefully next year is to qualify for Kona..
Thank you Andreas,
good luck towards next season and your results will be followed by our sympathizers. 
To jump into CXracing next fall is a nice step, Switzerland has a large tradition in CXracing…a nice export-product to Canada!

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