2016 is on, hot and rocking!

Athletes must prepare their season well organised and structured…only , when does season start and when does it finish?
An athlete must work from a larger plan and structure from that plan. Most athletes who I just start working with have always thought in the opposite direction, and just train to race their next race without any season/career vision, that’s a common mistake that leaves a lot of athletes with frustrations at the end of their season.

HR zones pr week

The right intensity at the right moment is hyperimportant for ambitious athletes. If not, you might be in shape too late, or even never…

I remember last season one of my athletes being commented by recreational local sportspeople because he won ‘too early’ in the season, but one month later he won again…and at the end of the season he was still winning. While the criticizers never won…think if you want to grow, do not play Calimero!


At the end of the season we don’t hear Calimero’s, we avoid that by working hard and correctly!


It’s very clear our athletes are very regular athletes, with high peaks on the important racedays and  who almost never fail their realistic goals. And that for, you need to think with a plan, that plan needs construction and minimalisation of changes.



And for sure that works…

Afstand pr week

Training is not doing the same over and over again, it’s about structure and a larger plan behind your individual sessions.

Today we have the last day of January and our conclusion already is simple: Our athletes are very motivated and have won in the first month of the year already triathlons, short and long distance road running races, cross country running races and got different medals in  Cyclocross. The only 2 more sports we have to win upcoming 11 months are road cycling and time trial races. I think…that’s manageable!

Have a great year !


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