Let’s meet and get personal … with Jeff!

A nice result to kick off with for Jeff  Burbine last week: 3th place in the Shubie Dooby Triathlon, Darhmouth!  With the fastest bikesplit, a good run and some room for progress.


We asked Jeff about his trainingfacilities in Halifax, Canada:

Can you describe training and weather circumstances in Halifax?

Halifax- generally has nice fall weather but there can be large swings in temperature.
From Early morning or late early evening.+/- 15 degrees Celsius.  We for the most part can ride into the late Nov early December road bike and into Dec/January depending on how much snow we get mountain bike… but this is more for the weekend and depending trail riding. We have a very good running/trail riding area in Halifax goes for over 100KM and it is paved/packed gravel.
We have 4 seasons in Halifax. Winters can be long and last winter was the worst ever it was OK until Jan 5th from this point forward snow storm after snow storm lasted until end of April.  Our weather typically will be 0 to -10 in winters in the morning rising to +4 or5 in the day.

Swimming pools in  Belgium are not always very accessable for triathletes, how is it where you live?
There are 4 Pools that I have access to. Two of the pools are within 2-3KM from where I live. One belongs to the University the other is a public pool both have 8 lanes and are 50 M capable. But mostly with bulk head for 25m giving 16 lanes. In the summer we have access to great open water lakes and oceans.- No sharks the odd seal:)
What are your goals as a triathlete?
My short term goal for 2016 is to secure a Kona spot- top 5 (And preferable not the last spot or worst roll down in my age group).
Longer term goal is to remain a competitive age grouper in Long distance triathlon.

Jeff is a LD triathlete, with the willing to go to Hawaii 2016!

Jeff is a LD triathlete, with the willing to go to Hawaii 2016!

Thank you Jeff to meet up and learn more about your approach to triathlon!

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