Brooke winning IronMédoc in a supertime…the beginning of Canada conquering Europe…

Brooke Brown, Canadian and Pro triathlete contacted me …a bit in panic because of illnesses, not feeling good and a lack of shape. To me it was very clear there was no balance and right orders in what she was doing. This must lead to a form of orthosympathic overuse. I think she just avoided the overtrainingstate…or else she would not be able to perform!

For finding back the balance I tried to focus on other impulses than she was used to…to find back the right shape. It’s always a guess to make an athlete work on a total other way…but it turned out to be the good thing to do! Brooke could do a good trainingcamp in Lanzarote and after the camp a nice load in the run. I was assured she was able to do a decent performance…but you never know for a full distance. The power must be there at the right time…and it was!

Brook also came to Belgium 1,5week before the race, just to meet up, to chat and learn to know her feelings on racing and what Triathlon exactly means in her life. But we also trained, and it was clear she had a good run in the legs already…

For the tactical part of the race we skyped with eachother and discussed a bit how to race. When looking at her times, you can easily see she did the right focus on herself and with a 3h18 marathon ( which she ran with reserve the last 2 laps) it’s clear that collapsing wasn’t part of it!

Seeing her back on track is nice, and we are off for more ! We try to win more Pro races and for that we build furter on a solid base!

I think she has the right spirit to race amongst our athletes and she can be a good motivating woman that also Belgian/Dutch women should be able to put down Proresults on the long one…

One of following weeks she will be the interviewd racer from abroad! But first,this thursday, it’s Billy-time…one of the most astonishing extreme multisporters Europe has! He also is a true sportsman with a fighter disciplined spirit!

It's a win  for Brooke! With a Hardafterbikerun!

It’s a win for Brooke! With a Hardafterbikerun!

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