About a Spanish Bull, with the engine of a German car…


As Promissed, we continue the presenting of our abroad athletes. Who are they, how strong are they mentally and physically, and what about their spirit…does their philosophy matches with ours? Let’s meet up again, and get personal…

Can you introduce yourself? Who are you, where do you live? What is your nationality. Tell us a bit more about the person behind the athlete.

Hi, my name is David Tovar, born in Madrid, Spain. I am half Spanish, half German and have lived between both countries growing up. That’s not all though, there have been some stops along the way in other places like Moscow, Detroit and Shanghai to name a few.

For the last 7 years I have been living in Brussels for work reasons and can call this my home for now.

2) Have you got good training facilities, for run/bike/swim? What is your favorite type of training and where?

Yeah, I definitely cannot complain about the training here except for some of the weather that we are facing in Belgium. Biking is great here, mostly drivers respect you (outside of Brussels that is) and you have many different routes just outside of the city, going flat or hilly, whatever you need. Only thing missing are some proper mountains a bit closer by and maybe some better road surfaces in general.

Swim is good and easy for me, do it in my gym just 3mins walk from my place, odd pool length of 30 meter means I swim 120s and 180s instead of 100s and 200s!

Running is OK as well, I do a lot of running straight from my place which entails running by some busy streets but within 10-15mins you can be in quieter places. On weekends longer runs can be done in the forest, you can go hilly plus it’s car free! Very nice!

I really do love challenging workouts, especially intervals on the run, blocks on the bike.

When you don’t know whether you are going to be able to hit the pace or the watts and finally you manage the satisfaction is immense!! Love the feeling of finishing a tough one!
3) How did you come in touch with our training methods?

Through another athlete, Sam Gyde. He sang your praises, we met up and I liked what I heard and here we are, chasing that Kona ticket and enjoying the ride through build-up, training camps and prep races leading up to the A-race in Frankfurt in July.

Despite an unpleasant injury, David his shape is quite ok for the moment. Let's see what he can do in Leuven as a testrace.

Despite an unpleasant injury, David his shape is quite ok for the moment. Let’s see what he can do in Leuven as a testrace.

4) What is your short and long term goal in your sport?

Short term goal is Ironman Frankfurt, putting together a consistent race including a decent run and getting that ticket to Kona, longer term, let’s see…

Probably stepping back to the half distance as full distance takes up a LOT of your time. As I don’t like to do things half way it means I am committing almost all my time to training at the moment. While I am certainly enjoying myself now other things are suffering a bit and not getting done.

In terms of challenges I wonder about qualification for 70.3 World Championships, about hitting 2:45 in the marathon and various other endurance races to maybe take on in the future.

5) You like to train alone, or you enjoy groupsessions also?

I would say I like both equally. Doing long sessions in a group is always fun, especially on the bike, you chat away and the kilometers just fly by. But training alone is essential, both mentally and in its specificity to long distance triathlon. There is no drafting in Ironman (in principle that is…), it’s you against the clock and you better get used to spending hours focusing on the task at hand, steady watts!

Long runs also lend themselves to do a lot of thinking or pondering and I cherish that alone time!

6) David, how does a regular working/training day look like for you? You get up when and  you work/train when?

Well, the target is usually to be up around 6am and to start the session around 7am, be it a swim, bike or run. Then of course adjustments happen based on length of session to make sure I am in the office on time, usually around 9am. Longer sessions require earlier starts, of course!

The second session can sometimes be squeezed in at lunchtime, if it’s a run that is not too long, or it has to wait for the evening after work if it’s a bike or swim. Depending on both length of sessions and time I get out of work I am usually done earliest 7:30pm but sometimes after 9pm. Then the other important bit, fuel properly and get to sleep not too late, I need my 7-8 hours of regular sleep, otherwise the quality of my training suffers.

Thank you David for this view into your habits and who you are, our athletes themselves and our sympathizers are first to cheer for you in Leuven next sunday! Good Luck! Presenting our next athlete we will talk about goats and their mountainhabits!

Tovar crossing the finishline in 111Portocolom, where he raced together with one of our other athletes Joeri

Tovar crossing the finishline in 111Portocolom, where he raced together with one of our other athletes Joeri

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