Gwendolyn hits the hammer on the block once again

In Antwerp 42.000 runners were at the starting line for the Antwerp 10miles! Gwendolyn was  motivated for this run, despite it was her first training block after a good rest after the cross-country season where she took her first regional medal (bronze). Gwendolyn is an athlete with on this level a limited maximum speedoutput, but capable of holding on long…even very long. Past periode we focussed on speed, endurance and strengthening by several specific trainingblocks. It worked off well, slowly she grows and this  winter she could take the win and podiums in  several cross country races. Past weekend was a very popular race in Belgium, she showed she progressed…but above all she races well. On the podium Van Linden and pro Triathlete Sofie Goos could stand next to her. Nice race, nice podium! On to the next chapter for her!

Gwendolyn had fun in Antwerp

Gwendolyn had fun in Antwerp

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