Spring is in the air, but what came before!

A good preparation is the base of a good season, not being lazy but train smart, to perform better!

Our athletes came together for the first time somewhere at the end of autumn, our first group meeting to prepare 2015!  I really liked these sessions! There is rest, and rest is a part of a good trainingplan. You can not go around rest! But after a restingperiod, it’s time to load the gun 🙂

Several times during preparation our athletes meet up together, this makes us get a good look at each athlete and see them ‘act’. Next to this, there’s that very good athmosphere between motivated and kind athletes.


Talking about a good trainingplan everything in preparation must be determined and put into that bigger plan. That bigger plan is kind of ‘the bible’. But a flexible one, every athlete comes on a point that things seem to go easy, but sometimes you bump into small obstacles. There’s illness, crashes with the bike , weather conditions, …From this point we go on. The coach set up these things and takes care so everything works out well with all ‘difficulties and obstacles’there are!

This looks simple, but every athlete has its own life/job/family/…it’s based on these things we get to work. TIP: Never step too far away of your balance in these things. In Load periodes this can touch the borders.


Building up week after week does NOT mean the more the better!


Avoid touching the wrong HRzones at the wrong moment

But despite obstacles, shitty weather, … when it all goes well you get personal successes! So, now spring is in the air…and some already have taken benefit of a good plan to follow…now it’s time for everyone to start taking benefit of your energy you’ve put in!

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